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We are here to give you beautiful, organized and original printable educational materials without all that stay-up-until-2am hard work. No more last minute Sunday evening scrambles to get organized for school!


All our products are digital downloads. Pay once for your material and then print your downloaded product as often as you like. If you like your item enough to want to share, you can buy an extra license for friends or colleagues at a great money saving discount!

Sold via the website teacherspayteachers.com, you can browse and buy all of our products by clicking on the store link above.


Talking-Teaching-leadmagnetimage1Kathryn is a Speech & Language Therapist, Mom and the all round ideas person at Teaching Talking. Making grand plans to change the educational world for the better is a passion. Taking small steps towards this through innovative, economical product design is becoming a reality. Excited about where things are going and grateful for the rest of the team for keeping dreams grounded in practicality with a “Let’s do this” attitude!

Ruth is a busy wife and Mom to four who still finds time to create crafty masterpieces, cute designs and fabulous photos! A practical thinker she is often called upon to figure out exactly HOW that brilliant idea is going to be created as well as keeping a careful check on just how many hours there are in each day when a project takes on a life all of its own!

Jamiee is Mom to two gorgeous boys who have been known to act as product testers from time to time! Mom of all trades she can be relied on to tackle any task head on. Juggling an awkward page layout, tweaking a web design or generally working some “Jamiee magic” on a color scheme, she is an important part of the Teaching Talking team.

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