Childhood Apraxia of Speech Activities Carnival Theme


Have you tried the Apraxia of Speech Activities Carnival Theme pack yet? Well if not, it’s time for having fun at the carnival with Tito and Anna! This interactive packet offers a creative and engaging way to elicit multiple repetitions of targets with children with apraxia or severe articulation needs who are working at CV / VC / CVC level.

All packets in the range are suitable for highly unintelligible students and elicit multiple repetitions of target words. They are progressive and students will benefit from therapy using the packet that most closely aligns with their goals.

– Continues practice mainly at CVC level but begins to expand syllable structure in some targets
– Socially engaging story for elementary age children
– Includes powerful phrases for social routines with peers
– Includes cloze phrases

This product is available to purchase on its own or as part of a larger money saving value bundle. With themes such as Bath Time, Zoo, Snowmen, Farm & Gardening, the bundle provides you with enough materials to use all year round.


★ ★ 2020 UPDATE ★ ★ 

This pack now includes a matching set of BOOM! Cards perfect for teletherapy and distance learning!

The BOOM! Cards are easy to navigate with a comprehensive Table of Contents. Each of the 6 stories features engaging graphics and moveable pieces so the student can “play” with the characters while practicing their targets.

You will also find 6 drill pages, and slides to practice relevant vocabulary at the CV/CVC/CVC level.

What you get in the Apraxia of Speech Activities Carnival Theme download:

  • 6 x Stories
  • 6 x Mini-Books
  • Data Sheet
  • 6 x Drill Sheets
  • Pacing Boards
  • Apraxia cards (illustrated target words from these stories divided by syllable shape for easy target selection)

  • Cloze phrase drill boards

  • “Power cards” – Engaging illustrations of the most powerful words and phrases in each set. Use these cards to carry over learning and meaning for your students from therapy into everyday communication.

*All activities are included in both color and blackline version to help save on ink.

“These are really cute interactive activities to use with my preschoolers. They love the pictures and I love that they provide manipulatives that I can use with the students during our sessions. The parents love the mini take home books that are provided in black and white…a win-win for both therapists and families!”

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Your students will have so much fun at the carnival and interacting with Tito and Anna! They practice multiple repetitions of target words in a play based context.

The mini books and drill sheets mean you can use this activity with groups and / or centers and you have resources at your fingertips to send for home practice.

“I love the varied activities that allow therapy to be more engaging to the student. It really encourages interaction on the child’s part. With the black and white options for each activity I feel like I have therapy options and homework options. The packet really makes the CV words meaningful to the child. I am extremely happy with my purchase!!”

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