Articulation Game for Speech Therapy: Feed the Monkey

This fun articulation game will certainly get your students excited about working on their speech goals.

After creating your “hungry” monkey, your students practice saying each target word. Once they say the word correctly reward them by allowing them to feed their adorable new friend a banana.

“Love this little guy! I use him all the time with my 3-5 year old population and it is so motivating! They could do it every day!”

This fun articulation game download includes:

Cards (430 in total) are included for all sounds:

★ /s/, /l/, /z/, /ch/, /sh/, /J/, /th/, /f/, /v/, /k/, /g/, /w/, /h/, /t/, /d/, /m/, /n/, /b/, /d/ – 15 cards for each sound, 5 in each position I, M, F

★ /l/,/r/ and/s/ blends – 5 cards for each blend

★ Vocalic /r/ – 30 cards

★ Printable monkey character and bananas for a fun “feed the monkey” game! Your student gives the monkey a “treat” each time they repeat their target words correctly.

The target images used in this series are the same as those used in two of my best selling products that each cover 24 sounds:

Articulation Notebooks Value Bundle

Print & Go Articulation Value Bundle

This means that this packet can be integrated seamlessly with your existing therapy planning or as an extension activity for early finishers.

“I Love this activity My students enjoyed it so much that they each made one to take home to use for carry over.”

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