Articulation Notebook Templates for Speech Therapy

If your kids are anything like mine, you know that you’ve got to keep things exciting when working on articulation. After using the same materials over and over again, things tend to get…well, a bit boring. I’ve come up with a perfect solution to the same-old, same-old articulation worksheets! These articulation notebook templates are just what you need to grab your students’ attention and keep them focused. All while having a blast reaching their speech goals!

Articulation Notebook Templates

This product works as a stand-alone or is included as a companion packet to the very popular Articulation Notebook Value Bundle.

The templates can be fully customized to suit the goals of the students on your caseload. The photographs show completed demonstration items, but the templates have been left blank for you to add targets for your own students.

“Awesome for creating an ongoing resource for articulation therapy. Easy to track progress, keeps kids engaged and provides ready homework/practice. Also good for accountability! Graphics are fun and well-created”

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In this Articulation Notebook Templates packet you will receive:

★ A choice of 6 covers for the notebooks

★ 6 different templates for stackable pockets to keep pieces safe mid-project.

Articulation Notebook Templates

★ Over 50 different templates, foldable, and flap books. The majority of these are editable.

Articulation Notebook Templates

“I really love this for my students. I have adjusted to meet their needs and utilize for homework practice. Thank you!”

★ Photos of sample pages of the notebook put together to give you an idea of how the materials can be used.

Articulation Notebook Templates

★ A packet of 700+ small images, sorted by sound to use in conjunction with the templates for non-readers.

★ Mini word lists – ideal to send for home practice

Articulation Notebook Templates

“I love this product! I use speech notebooks also, and these activities will add some diversity to what I already use!!”

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