Articulation Therapy Activities – Easy Prep Print & Go Worksheets

This huge value bundle of Articulation Therapy Activities contains several projects that are sure to keep your mixed articulation groups entertained all year round. Best of all, they are easy to prep…simply print and go!

Articulation Therapy Activities - Easy Prep Print & Go Worksheets

“This has been a lifesaver for me, and I just know that it is going to save me many times over next year, and for years to come! Perfect for those days when you just dont have the time to prep!”

This bundle is a great value (400+ pages) and contains 24 packets of cards and worksheets to cover all the sounds your students need.

Articulation Therapy Activities

“I have my students color the black and white cards, cut them out, and then create simple phrases with their sight words. Opportunities for so many trials and then they have their own cards for whatever games or activities we do. Excellent resource, especially when you don’t have your own artic card sets!”

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Each articulation therapy activities sound  set contains:

  • 1 set of articulation cards in full color and black and white.  The black line version are a great ink saving option, and all of the cards are borderless and can be easily cut on a paper trimmer or with scissors. All sets have 15 cards representing initial, medial and final word positions. (Blends sets include an extra 5 cards per blend). Learn about 12 Quick & Easy Game Ideas to try with the cards included in this bundle.
Articulation Therapy Activities
Print two copies of your articulation cards and play a lotto or pairs game.
Articulation Therapy Activities
Use the cards with your favorite toys in clinic to make therapy playful and fun!
Articulation Therapy Activities
  • 6 unique designs of a game board for each sound. Have your student color their game boards, laminate, and use them over and over again with tokens for multiple practice of target words.
Articulation Therapy Activities
For a super quick and easy speech drill, use a copy of the game board and tokens without coloring
Articulation Therapy Activities

“This is such a wonderful bundle to help with carryover, generalization and to give out as homework. It is something quick and easy that the kids love using. It is especially helpful when you are having one of those days where you need something to work on but you don’t have time to plan an elaborate activity.”

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  • 6 Roll, Say & Color worksheets.  These worksheets are ideal for mixed groups. Each of your students can color the same design, even when their target words are different! Students roll the die, say the appropriate target word and then color an area on the worksheet. Repeat until the picture is complete!
Articulation Therapy Activities
  • Articulation bracelets that help with carryover. Use these cute bracelets to help your students continue practice after their speech session. They will love to show off the words they have learned!
Articulation Therapy Activities
  • As an added bonus you will also receive a sheet of Cariboo sized images to use with the popular game.

You may also be interested in my best selling Articulation Notebooks Value Bundle. The target images used in this series are the same. This means that this packet can be integrated seamlessly with your existing therapy planning or as extension activities for early finishers.

The 24 packets included in this value bundle are for the following sounds – /s/, /z/, /l/, /r/ (pre-vocalic), /r/ (vocalic), /s/ blends, /l/ blends, /r/ blends, /sh/, /ch/, /th/, /J/, /k/, /g/, /f/, /v/, /p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /m/, /n/, /h/ & /w/

“This bundle is so comprehensive. There are pictures for each sound followed by activities for each. Even if my students are working on different sounds, they can be doing the same activity. P.S. I LOVE the bracelet!! What a clever idea to make them think about their words outside of the speech room. Well done!!”

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