November 04, 2015 1 min read

Need Free Speech and Language Homework for Preschool? With an engaging Birthday Party theme, this free download is ideal for carryover language activities to send for preschool at home. The easy-to-follow instruction sheets provide parents with activities they can confidently do at home - even with active preschoolers!

Download the free resource here!

This is a free sample from my Regular Plurals Speech Therapy Activities for Preschool. The full-size product includes another fun scene to play in AND 3 decks of interactive BOOM! cards for distance learning! To view the full-size product in my store, click here. Free Happy Birthday Game for Teaching Regular Plurals

"I would have been lost with my first year of preschool kiddos if not for these activities. My students loved the engaging graphics and my parents loved how simple the games were to play/practice at home."

The Free Preschool Language Activity download includes:

  • 2 x pre-written activity instruction sheets for 'Understanding' and 'Using' Regular Plurals
  • The engaging printables are easily adapted for many early language goals (pronouns, verbs, prepositions)
  • 1 x Birthday Party baseboard
  • 16 x picture cue cards
  • 22 x party favor cutouts
  • To reduce printing demands, all of the elements come in both color and blackline versions. You may choose to laminate the color copy for use in your speech room and send the blackline versions for home use.

Free Happy Birthday Game for Teaching Regular Plurals

"I love the adorable graphics and the great, great, great instructions. The parent sheets are so valuable!!! thank you!"