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July 14, 2015 1 min read

This Free Articulation Activities notebooks download includes a set from my BEST SELLING articulation product. The full product has over 350 positive ratings in my store! This free articulation activities sample contains 30 articulation cards for /v/ in mixed positions (in color and blackline) and a 'Shooting Hoops' worksheet. The worksheet, which is in the format of a notebook page has space for data tracking and SLP notes - for the same 30 /v/ words.

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Your free articulation activities sample includes:
  • 30 cards to target the /v/ sound (in a variety of positions) in both full color and blackline
  • 1 “Shooting Hoops” worksheet for therapy activities
  • 1 coordinating sheet of mini-images to use in the notebook (both in blackline)
Free Articulation Activities

Free Articulation Activities for Notebooks in Speech Therapy

When you begin the notebook or a new target sound, have your students color in their own set of stimulus cards as they drill their target and familiarize themselves with the words in their set. Then they color and cut out the materials and paste into their notebook as the SLP moves around the group taking data and offering assistance. Students have fun creating while working with a target set of stimuli/words consistently until they achieve mastery!

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