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November 15, 2015 1 min read

Need Preschool Speech and Language Activities for Home? This bright and colorful printable is perfect for a Preschool Speech Therapy Home Program or providing Speech and Language Activities for Home. Designed with parents in mind, the easy-to-follow instruction sheets provide activities for home practice for early language goals in a super fun format!


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This packet contains clear instructions and printables for teaching verbs and following multi-step directions and has a sporting theme ideal for summertime or year-round!


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This Preschool Language Freebie Download Includes:

  • Instructions on using the materials to target SVO sentences in both receptive and expressive language.
  • 2 Summer themed baseboards
  • 10 full-color cutouts
  • 16 cards to use in conjunction with game boards
  • 16 written cue cards to reduce printing demands
  • The verbs targeted in this freebie are kicking, climbing, throwing & swimming.
If you like this freebie it is part of a larger Summer Preschool Language packet that also includes activities for pronouns and prepositions. Click here to view the full-size product in my Store.
62-Summer Verbs Freebie FB