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April 14, 2015 3 min read


The Spot It Card Game is great fun for school aged children and is ideal for training simple vocabulary alongside visual perception and mental processing in Speech Therapy.

Number of Players: 2 – 8

Ages: 7+

Target: Teaches basic vocabulary and the cards can be used for simple matching of over 50 symbols, including snowflakes, ladybugs, lighting rods as well as words such as Stop and Art. Great for teaching kids quick mental processing, cognitive skills and simple gaming strategy.

The Spot It Card Game is a fun learning game. It’s popular too – it currently holds the number one card game spot on Amazon!

So how do you play?

There are 55 circular cards in this game. Each card contains eight symbols consisting of images (leaf, balloon, clock etc.) and words (Ok, Art etc.).

The first player draws two cards and places them face up on the table so all players can see. All players are now invited to spot the matching image or word between the two cards. You win when you are the first to call out the name of the matching symbols. The winner then draws two new cards, puts them face up on the table and the process repeats.

If the game ends in a tie, the competing players go head-to-head, each drawing one card and placing it on the table. Whichever player spots the matching symbol and calls it out first is the winner!

In addition to the regular game. Spot It contains five mini-games: The Tower, The Hot Potato, The Well, The Poisoned Gift and Triplet. You can play them in any order you like or just play your favorites! The player who wins the most mini-games can be crowned champion!

Using the Spot It Game in Speech Therapy

Visual Discrimination and Vocabulary Development

The circular playing cards in the Spot It Game are well illustrated and contain picture items and words most children are familiar with. I therefore sometimes use the cards as a simple vocabulary or word recognition teaching tool.

One way to use the cards to enhance vocabulary is to play “I Spy…”. For example, pull out one card from the deck and say: “I spy something yellow” The child then needs to find the item on the card that fits the description, point to it and name it.

Sometimes it might look like the two cards on the table don’t contain a match. This is because there are eight symbols on each card and sometimes the matching shape is a different size or orientation. Children playing the Spot It game therefore train to quickly pattern-match and memorize, as well as work on perception.

Mental Processing and Recognition of Concepts

I find that the Spot It game motivates children to search for concepts and similarities and quickly translate a visual input into verbal expression. The Spot It Card Game is a great game for younger as well as older children. Even adults will enjoy the game, which makes for great family fun.

Also, it is travel size and packaged well, which makes it easy to carry in a purse or handbag. If you are a parent who would like to “edutain” your child whenever possible, this is a game you can play anywhere, anytime, for example when you wait at a doctor’s office, dining out or riding in the car.

Easy ways to support children as they learn the game might be lengthening the time players have to find a match and verbalize their findings, or giving simple pointers to get the children started. Another suggestion is to start playing with fewer cards.

Now you know all there is to know about the game – you are ready to play. Have fun!

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