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April 14, 2015 2 min read

In their first few months of development, the only toy a baby needs is their parents. But once they start to sit unsupported and become mobile, it’s time to introduce some good quality toddler language development toys.

Toddler Language Development Toys

Which toys help toddler language development through play?

Educational toys should be interesting and engaging enough to hold toddlers attention, without being overstimulating.

Toddler Language Development

The toy alone won’t develop communication skills – that’s where you come in. By getting down on the floor with the toddler and talking about the toy, you can begin working on early language skills.

The range of toys available for toddlers today is far greater than in times gone by. All claim educational value and there certainly are some great products on the market.

Personally, I am very fond of Fisher Price Toys. Maybe it is the nostalgia factor – they haven’t changed a great deal since I was small! But I also love their simplicity. With limited noise and flashing lights, the child is able to fully explore the toy, and play with their caregiver rather than just play alone.

Toddler Language Development

Look for toys that can be adapted to play a wide range of games, so they earn their space in your resources cupboard.

For example, one of my favorite toys to use with very young children (including my own son) is the Fisher Price Stack and Roll. Like traditional stacking cups, there is one of each color that fit in the correct order to build a tower. Teach turn taking, by alternating who’s stacking the pieces. Then as your child gets older you can begin naming the bright primary colors to expand vocabulary.

Toddler Language Development

When shopping for Educational Infant Toys for Toddler Language Development, keep in mind:

  • Simple is better – don’t pass over an item because it doesn’t have the flashing lights that are so popular today.
  • Choose bright colours for visual stimulation.
  • Choose a toy where you can play face to face with the child and take turns.
  • Try and find an item that is adaptable to give you the best value. One toy with many uses gives you the best value for money, an important consideration for all SLPs.

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