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February 25, 2017 2 min read

Farm Language Activities are engaging for the student and fun for the speech path. But with a wide range of needs on our caseloads, it can feel overwhelming. Here’s how to target lots of goals with a farm set.

Fun Farm Language Activities using a farm set!

1. Farm Language Activities for Requesting

Farm Language Activities

Raise your hand if you have a preschool student working on requesting? Don’t we all? To get a student to request an object with the farm set, open the box, but don’t take anything out until the student asks for each object.

2. Farm Language Activities for Commenting

Commenting is an extremely tough skill for many preschoolers with expressive language delays. Do something totally absurd with one of the objects such as putting the cow on your head or the tractor on the cow, then say “uh-oh,” and point to it.

Farm Language Activities

Absurdities usually get my students to attempt a comment!

Farm Language Activities

3. Farm Language Activities for Category Vocabulary

How many vocabulary words from the farm set can you model for your students? From naming animals to using the tractor to discuss transportation to describing the similarities between a stable and a home, there are limitless opportunities to expand your students’ vocabularies.

Farm Language Activities

4. Farm Language Activities for Prepositions

My students struggle to correctly use preposition words including “up/down,” “above/under,” “in/on,” and “around,” but this farm set makes it easy to facilitate natural discussions about where things are. “The fence is around the stable” and “The horse is inside the stable” are a couple of examples of how you can model these language concepts. Here are a few more ideas:

Farm Language Activities

5. Farm Language Activities for Answering questions

Without engaging materials, it’s really tough to get kids to answer questions. Luckily, manipulables included in this farm set really get kids motivated to answer questions like “What is it?” “Who says ‘baa’?” “When do the animals sleep?” and “Why does a farmer use a tractor?”

Farm Language Activities

There are so many options with a farm set to hit those common speech therapy goals. Now, who is ready to say “moo?”

Bio: Sarah Wu is a bilingual speech-language pathologist who blogs at

If you enjoy using a farm theme in your speech room, you are going to love all of the fun activities you will find in this Farm Value Bundle!