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April 14, 2015 2 min read

Speech Therapy Math Activities? What have math games for kids got to do with Speech Therapy? Many of the children I work with for speech therapy find math difficult.

Speech Therapy Math Activities

Why is this? Math is all about numbers right? So why do kids who need speech and language therapy sometimes need help with math?

Math problems really do contain a lot of language. Think about classic classroom posers such as “If Annie has 3 apples and Ben has 7 apples, how many more apples does Ben have than Annie? ” And even simple math concepts such as “more than, heavier than, smallest and divide” all require that you understand the words in order to carry out the calculation.

On the other hand, for a lot of kids who attend speech therapy, math is a great subject for them in school. It is logical and ordered and for the most part it uses numbers instead of words. For these kids, this can be their subject to shine and show their teacher their best side.

Either way math games can play an important role in Speech Therapy.

speech therapy math activities

Speech Therapy Math Activities – Key Language for Early Math Skills

  • Numbers, Shapes and Colors
  • Positional Language (in, on, under, above, below, in front of, behind)
  • Weight and Measurement words
  • (Light, heavy, length, height, how long, heavier than)
  • Comparatives (more, less, greater, taller, the same as, as large as, bigger than)

As a parent, one of the best ways you can help is to make math fun in ways that don’t always happen in the classroom. You can do this by showing how useful everyday math can be – at the store, sorting out laundry or when sharing candy or a pizza!

Speech Therapy Math Activities – Suggestions for games and activities that help with language and concepts for math: