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June 07, 2017 3 min read

Today’s blog post is all about using Speech Therapy Notebooks for home practice. It is part of a series helping you to get the most out of Interactive Notebooks for SLPs. If you haven’t already read the first post in this series, head over here to read all about getting your notebook set up and to snag yourself two great freebies!

Speech Therapy Notebooks for Home Practice

Speech Therapy Notebooks for Home Practice: How to Get Parents Involved

We all know that regular practice at home makes a positive impact on Speech students’ progress.  But it can be difficult for parents to know what they should be working on and when.

Read how one SLP has worked with families to use speech therapy notebooks for home practice.

“I used this bundle for the first time this school year. It is my go-to source for artic cards and last minute emergency activities to do with kiddos! Parents love the concept of having an open form of communication between me and them. It’s truly an amazing product and well worth the investment. I have seen great improvement in my kids this year because I send home activities in their notebooks and parents sign off that they are practicing it.” – Maral D

Maral had a great experience with her parents and hopefully, that will be your experience too.

Sending notebooks home can sometimes be tricky.  Some students will take their notebooks home and never return them.  Other students take home their notebooks and bring them to school every day, whether they have therapy or not.  There are some ways SLPs can try to ensure that their investments of time and money do not go home and sit on a shelf or get lost.

Truvine Walker SLP advises: “If you have the opportunity to meet parents or caregivers face to face, show them an example of interactive notebooks, explain how they’re used and the benefits of using them.  Share that you’d like to use an interactive notebook with their child.  Some parents will buy into it literally, and some will not. On a few occasions, I’ve had parents donate base products for replacements. You have to decide how often to send the notebooks or part of the notebooks home.”

How Can I Use Speech Therapy Notebooks for Home Practice?

When using interactive notebooks with my students, I prefer they are kept at school. Once a student masters a certain sound, task or skill, those pages are removed, stapled to a note explaining to the parent that their child is demonstrating mastery, and sent home.  In that note, parents are encouraged to review and practice every page with their child.
They are to keep the pages at home: however a log is sent home asking parents to date and initial the pages that were reviewed.  If/when the students return the log, then they are given a “brag tag”.
Students typically love having their own interactive notebook and usually practice willingly!”

Hopefully, this post has given you an intro into how your students can use Interactive Notebooks effectively to help with practice both at home and at school. Students are helped to reach their targets and smash their goals!

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