Apraxia Cards for Speech Therapy

Apraxia Cards for Speech Therapy

All apraxia cards are included in full color and blackline.

Cards (over 200 in total) are included for:

  • meaningful isolate sounds
  • VC / CV
  • CVC
  • Multisyllabic words
  • meaningful phrases

Also included:

  • Printable pocket to store cards in a notebook or folder
  • Divider cards for book ring storage
  • Word lists (single page and for each process)

(These beautifully presented apraxia cards for speech therapy have rounded borders but are also printed with easy-cut feint lines for quick prep if using a cutter.)


What Buyers have to say about Apraxia Cards for Speech Therapy...

"I use these cards all the time! The visuals are great, and most of the words (especially lower on the hierarchy) are easily recognizable by my preschoolers."

"My students and parents both love this resource - it is really nicely laid out with very friendly visuals. I have found it has helped parents understand what I had been saying in class. Highly recommend!"

"These are a nice change up from the other picture cards I typically use. The students enjoy the change and being able to flip the pictures on the ring too!"