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Articulation "Take Home" Flip Books Value Bundle

Articulation "Take Home" Flipbooks - Money Saving Value Bundle - flipbook fun for carryover! Your students will love to practice at home or in-session with these handy flipbooks!

These are great value, quick and easy, 'ready in a moment' activities for your mixed articulation groups.


This Articulation Flipbooks Value Bundle covers 24 articulation sounds at a savings of 20%! 


What you get...

This packet contains 24 sets of flipbooks to cover S, Z, L, R, K, G, F,  V, SH, CH, TH, J, S Blends, L Blends, R Blends, P, B, D, T, M, N, H, & W.

Each sound set contains:

★ Easy cut flipbook pages in B&W. Use these for extra pages in articulation notebooks or for each student to color and take home.

★ Full-color flipbook pages.



★ 16 CVC Word Family Flipbooks (in color and b&w options)

★ 10 pages of extra kid toppers (also in color and b&w options)


Buyers say...

"These are AWESOME! Love how easy they are to prepare and my students can take them home for practice when they are ready! VERY handy and useful!!!!! Thank you for sharing!"

"My kids love being able to use their "own books" in speech. I love letting them make them the week before a holiday or break and encouraging them to look through their books over the break to practice their sounds."

"I'm going through a graduate program and have a lot of materials at my disposal, but none are as great an option as this. I love this product! It's just what I needed."