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Print & Go Language Activity Worksheets for Superheroes

Fun and Engaging Craftivity and Print and Go Language Worksheets 

Need something for early finishers, homework, or for distance learning? This language pack will give you something for every student on your caseload!


Themed Print & Go Worksheets are included for...

♦ Object Function

♦ Verbal reasoning

♦ Vocabulary

♦ Categorizing

♦ Plurals

♦ Picture Sequencing

♦ Retelling an event

♦ Compare and Contrast

♦ Social Skills Scenarios

♦ Following Directions

♦ Antonyms

♦ Multiple meaning words

♦ Articulation


Activity Ideas are also included to use these packets for...

★ articulation

★ following directions

★ sequencing activities

★ vocabulary

★ verb tense

★ basic concepts

★ asking & answering questions

★ social skills


As an SLP I am always looking for craft activities that won't distract my students from their targets yet will still allow them to have fun.

When I couldn't find what I needed, I created my own!

To extend your themed unit with a craft activity to target language goals I have included...

★ printable template and instructions

★ Instruction visuals

★ Vocabulary cards

and more!


Buyers Say...

"My PK-2nd grade students LOVED this craft! I could also use the other worksheets to address a variety of goals. Thank you!"

 "I have a group of pre-k superheros. They all loved this craft. Thank you!"

"This is perfect for my super hero themed classroom this year!"

"My clients loved making their own superhero while working on their goals. Thank you!"

"I have your Seasonal/Holiday Craftivity Bundle and knew I needed this one! I often use themes with therapy and the Craftivity is always the highlight - the students enjoy making them and taking them home (or hanging them up in my therapy room). I really like that you include so many ideas and worksheets to target a variety of S/L goals. I know I can easily use the craftivity with any of my students and address their goals - a HUGE plus when you have mostly mixed groups! I highly recommend your craftivities!"


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