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Apraxia Cards for Speech Therapy

Complete Set of Apraxia Cards for Speech Therapy

200+ printable cards for speech therapy. Beautifully illustrated to make therapy fun and engaging for children with apraxia of speech. You will receive PDF downloads in full color and blackline.

"My students and parents both love this resource - Highly recommend!"

Target words are carefully chosen for effective apraxia therapy.

Cards are included to allow children to progress in therapy through meaningful sounds and words up to phrases.

  • Isolate sounds
  • VC / CV
  • CVC
  • Multisyllabic words
  • Phrases

These beautifully presented apraxia cards for speech therapy can be printed at a variety of sizes by varying your printer settings. 

"I use these cards all the time! The visuals are great, and most of the words (especially lower on the hierarchy) are easily recognizable by my preschoolers."

Also included with your purchase of Apraxia Cards for Speech Therapy:

  • Printable pocket to store cards
  • Divider cards / labels for book ring storage
  • Word lists for each level

"These are a nice change up from the other picture cards I typically use. The students enjoy the change and being able to flip the pictures on the ring too!"

Buy your copy of these bestselling cards now and you will receive your order by email to use today!