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Rhyming Worksheets and Activities

Rhyming Activities, Games & Worksheets CCSS Aligned for Kindergarten

This pack contains everything you need to teach your students to recognize and produce rhyming words. It includes rhyming games and activities for centers or 1:1 teaching as well as rhyming worksheets for the whole class or for take-home.


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What you get...

Rhyming Pictures Set includes:

★ 6 Rhyming Activities / Games with Instruction Sheets

★ 32 Rhyming Picture Cards in color & black and white with words

★ 32 Rhyming Picture Cards in color & black and white with no words

Rhyming Pairs Game includes:

★ 18 who has / I have Rhyming Picture cards (9 sets total)

Find the Rhyme Activity includes:

★ 4 worksheets

Rhyming Board Game includes:

★ 1 Rhyme Time game board in color

★ 1 Rhyme Time game board in black and white

Draw a Rhyme Activity - 3 rhyming worksheets

Rhyme Maker Activity includes:

★ 10 prepared rhyming activity worksheets

★ 1 blank rhyming activity worksheet


Buyers Say...

"An excellent pack of resources that can be used for SO many classes/sessions, and perfect for homework too! Thank you for such a great pack."

"This provides so many activities and opportunities for my Kinders to practice their rhyming skills. Thank you for the versatile activities that keep my kids engaged!"

"Love the activities... and love that they're in black and white too! I can print at school rather than use my own ink!"