Print and Go Articulation Cards for Speech Therapy

Printable Articulation Cards & Feed the Monkey Game

This fun articulation game will certainly get your students excited about working on their speech goals.

After creating your “hungry” monkey, your students practice saying each target word. Once they say the word correctly reward them by allowing them to feed their adorable new friend a banana.

Cards (430 in total) are included for all sounds:

★ /s/, /l/, /z/, /ch/, /sh/, /J/, /th/, /f/, /v/, /k/, /g/, /w/, /h/, /t/, /d/, /m/, /n/, /b/, /p/ - 15 cards for each sound, 5 in each position I, M, F

★ /l/,/r/ and/s/ blends - 5 cards for each blend

★ Vocalic /r/ - 30 cards

Also included:

 Printable monkey character and bananas for a fun "feed the monkey" game! Your student gives the monkey a "treat" each time they repeat their target words correctly.

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