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Conjunction Train Worksheet Activity

Railroad Car Conjunctions - Teach frequently occurring coordinating and subordinating conjunctions. 

This is a bright and engaging concrete activity in full color. Cut out the railroad cars and arrange them on the baseboard to make sentences.

There are 36 railroad cars with simple sentences. Your students use 2 sentence cars and one of the conjunction connectors to make a compound sentence.

The theme is appropriate all year round. Instructions are provided to direct you in using this activity with students working on the use of conjunctions at first, second, and third grade level (common core).

Now also includes a low ink option where you can print the sentences in black and white and use them on a baseboard where the cars are already in place. This means you only need to print one color sheet and is ideal for sending as homework.


The pack includes sentences for the following 10 conjunctions:

★ Co-ordinating conjunctions; and, but, or, so

★ Subordinating conjunctions; when, because, although, if, after, when


Aligned with common core standards for teaching conjunctions as follows:

Common Core Standard

♦ Language Grade 1

1g. Use frequently occurring conjunctions

♦ Language Grade 2

1f. Produce, expand, and rearrange complete simple and compound sentences

♦ Language Grade 3

1h. Use coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions.


Buyers say...

"This was a nice visual resource for my students with moderate intellectual disabilities. I paired it with Schoolhouse Rock's "Conjunction Junction" and it made for a nicely themed lesson. Thank you!"

"I like the variety of conjunctions targeted in this packet as well as the different levels. Thank you!"

"Thank you for including subordinating conjunctions - I can adapt this to use with older students."