Fall Language Notebooks for Kids!

I designed my Fall Language Notebooks for busy school-based SLPs working with mixed language groups in early elementary. They are fun, common core aligned (K-2) activities, and provide a valuable link between home & school.

Fall Language Notebooks

This packet is included as part of a much larger money-saving value bundle. The bundle contains 5 packets. One for each of the 4 seasons plus a 5th “year-round packet”. This means you have more than enough material to use these every week of the year if you wish.

“These are just what I was looking for to target multiple goals while keeping everyone in my mixed language groups engaged and working. Students who finish early can color and expand their writing while others get more 1:1 practice. Great product!”

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Fall Language Notebooks contain 2 sections:

Section 1: Open-ended teaching scenes use language-rich images carefully planned to allow you to cover a wide range of goals with one activity. This section allows you to cover:

★ Vocabulary goals (naming, describing, compare and contrast, etc.)

Fall Language Notebooks

★ Sentence formulation
★ Following directions
★ Picture description

Fall Language Notebooks

★ Asking & answering questions
★ Sequencing and simple narrative
★ Conceptual language
★ Grammar goals (pronouns, verb tenses and many more)

Fall Language Notebooks

20 pages of photo instructions are included for this section including an ideas bank where you can easily view multiple options for each page.

“These notebooks have saved me so much time and are so versatile. I can use them with just about everyone on my case load to work on everything from artic to writing! Thank you for creating this!”

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Section 2: Notebook template pages (CCSS aligned) with “I can…” statements allow you to review your students progress and build a record of their achievements throughout the school year. This section contains a fully illustrated template page and a photo instruction page for each of the following targets:

★ Pronouns
★ Nouns

Fall Language Notebooks

★ Conjunctions
★ Antonyms
★ Categories
★ Asking & Answering Questions (6 pages)
★ Adjectives

Fall Language Notebooks
★ Irregular Verbs
★ Regular Verbs
★ Prepositions

Fall Language Notebooks

★ Sequencing
★ Shades of Meaning
★ Regular Plurals
★ Irregular Plurals

Fall Language Notebooks

Blank template designs are also included to allow you to customize templates for other goals.

“Great assortment. Love the vocabulary variety. It is nice to see pictures of actual activities our kids have experienced. I get so much incidental language with these pages. Thanks for another great product!”

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