Free Articulation Printables Flipbooks Sample

Free Articulation Printables Flipbooks  Sample - from Teaching Talking

Free Articulation Printables Flipbooks – Print and Go

Flipbooks are a quick, easy, and ‘ready in a moment’ activity for your mixed articulation groups. This free articulation printable flipbook sample features CVC words – it’s particularly versatile and will work for word final t,d,n and p as well as phonology (final consonant deletion) and rhyme.

The pack includes color and blackline options.  The color option can be printed and used in therapy and the blackline version can be sent home for practice.

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Find out how simple they are by downloading this free articulation printables flipbook activity to use with your students.

Free Articulation Printables

This free articulation printables file featuring CVC words is particularly versatile. It will work for word final t,d,n and p as well as phonology (final consonant deletion) and rhyme.

This free articulation printables download includes:

  • 4 book toppers to choose from
  • 4 flipbooks featuring CVC words with final sounds at,ad, in & ip
  • Each element is included in full color & black line versions

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