Let’s Get Dressed Game to Teach Possessive ‘s’

Your students will love this fun ‘Let’s Get Dressed’ game while learning to understand and use possessive ‘s’. Adorable characters and a familiar scenario make this a perfect activity for those children ready to begin using pictures rather than objects.

Let’s Get Dressed Game to Teach Possessive 's'

This engaging activity is written to start at the most basic level of the teaching task. The bright, colorful illustrations and “hands-on” nature of the task make it an ideal activity for transitioning from floor play to tabletop work.

“I use this for he/she and his/hers as well as vocabulary. Such a great and simple resource.”

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Using the ‘Let’s Get Dressed’ Game in Therapy

Simply print, laminate and cut the baseboard, clothing cutouts, and picture cue cards. Then use the picture cards to prompt the student to perform certain tasks on the baseboard while practicing the target sounds/phrases. You may also choose to use the provided written word cue cards for students working at a higher level.

Let’s Get Dressed Game

I like to use this as a cookie sheet activity. Simply fix the baseboard to a cookie sheet and stick magnets to the back of the characters. Voila! you have a stand-up storyboard ready for play (and practice)!

Let’s Get Dressed Game

Instruction sheets are written in parent-friendly language as a time saver for you. Just print the instructions and send as a take-home activity along with an extra copy of activity pages. I try to keep a spare set pre-made so that I always have one to lend for homework.

All pages are provided in full color and blackline options to help reduce printing demands.

“A cute resource for working on a variety of targets from receptive vocabulary to following directions and pronouns. Thank you for this resource!”

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