Owl Speech Room Decor – Get set for back to school!


Owls are associated with wisdom – and  although they are a traditional symbol,  they really don’t need to be boring!  We have designed this cute and colorful owl speech room decor pack so that you can cleverly decorate your room with this great, fun theme that can be enjoyed by students and teachers alike!

Owl Speech Room Decor

Owls really are one of the cutest birdies!  That’s why we have chosen to design a complete pack which you can edit to suit your room.  We hope you will love it as much as we do!

“I share a room with two other teachers and we decided to do an owl theme this year! I love this!!! The other two are so jealous of my bulletin board in the room!! Thank you!”

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What’s in the Owl Speech Room Decor pack?

  • Owl Speech Room Decor: Bulletin Board Decorations

The Bulletin Board Lettering and cut-outs are in blue, orange and green with a choice of patterns, and you can print these out to be specific to your room and color choice.

Owl Speech Room Decor

  • Owl Speech Room Decor: Editable Labels

There are dozens of different label sizes and shapes – you can use these for boxes as shown here or they can be used for baskets, pencil pots, name tags – the options are endless!

  • Owl Speech Room Decor: Printable Papers

Printable papers are also included in the Speech Room Decor Owl Theme pack – you can really get creative with these! They work really well for bunting as shown above or they could be used for backings or borders or even tags…

Owl Speech Room Decor

“I now have the cutest office in my school! I absolutely love the colors and the owls are getting so many compliments:) I was able to add to your theme with ease and now the possibilities are endless!”

  • Owl Speech Room Decor: Calendar and ‘Speech Room Rules’

Included in this pack are a “Today is…” calendar and a ‘Speech Room Rules’ poster:

Owl Speech Room Decor

  • Owl Speech Room Decor: Door Signs, Passes, Pennants & Labels

There are also editable door signs for you to personalize with your name and room, dismissal passes, editable pennants (to create a welcome banner or just to add a splash of color!) – and we have also squeezed in some Avery labels – pre-sized to print on Avery 2″ x 4″ sticky labels.

Owl Speech Room Decor

In total there are 121 pages of editable decor – so many possibilities!  Most of the items comes in six different color choices and two patterns.  Choose your favorite or mix and match!!

“I love the whole packet!!! My room is so coordinated and many compliments from my collegues!”

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