Preschool Language Activities Value Bundle for Speech Therapy


Your students will love learning about language with these Preschool Language Activities for Speech Therapy. The different themes found throughout are suited to use all year round.

Preschool Language Activities Value Bundle for Speech Therapy

After selecting a picture or written cue card the student locates the correct character or object cutouts and places them in the correct position on the baseboard. Adorable characters and relatable scenes encourage the comprehension and use of early language concepts.

Each set includes printable instructions clearly written for parents to follow. The clear instructions and fun nature of the games is very motivating to children, making it easy for parents to follow through and practice at home.

“My students loved these activities & I loved that they are easy to use and can send home an activity for further practice without any extra work, if necessary!”

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The Preschool Language Activities Bundle Includes 8 Packets:


Adjectives for Preschool Language

  • Asking Questions: Targets simple questions ‘Where?’ and ‘What…doing?’

Asking and Answering Questions for Preschool Language

Preschool Language Activities for Teaching Possessive 's'

Teachers have also told us how useful they find these materials for teaching ESL or foreign languages.

“I’m a Swiss teacher and I love the fact that I can use these very good activities to teach French to foreign children when they start school. Looking forward to using it when I start again in Aug.”

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Preschool Language Activities for Pronouns

Teaching Regular Plurals in Speech Therapy

Teaching Verbs in Speech Therapy

Preschool Vocabulary Activities

“What a great time saver for me. All of the skills that I work on with preschoolers are addressed in this one big packet. Thanks for taking the time to do it.”

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