Preschool Speech and Language Activities for Home Packets


Update September 21st 2020

Use these interactive language activities for distance learning

Many of us have recently taken a crash course on using teletherapy to accommodate students learning from home. GOOD NEWS! You can adapt these activities for distance learning also. Use the cut out activity and pieces over Zoom to “play” and keep your student engaged in an environment where they can otherwise be easily distracted.

To address the needs of students (and many parents too!) working from home, I have put together some fun interactive activities that reflect the same concepts and goals as found in the printable materials. They feature movable pieces and audio prompts and allow the student to take the activity “in their own hands” for a while.

Play Boom decks on tablets or other devices (and send a link for parents to use the same activity at home!)

Another spark of genius trending right now is the use of the backgrounds and cut outs for “green-screen” activities. This really brings the activity to “life” and makes YOU the star of the show!

Preschool Language Activities are available to purchase for instant download here.

What Others Are Saying about these preschool speech therapy activities…

“Thank you for putting so much work into this resource. It is allowing me to use engaging and fun activities for the littles who are sometimes difficult to keep focused on distance education activities.”

“My students love the instant feedback and bright pictures. We did some slides in class and then I assigned them to students to continue to use and practice while at home.”

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this resource for my pre-k kiddos. This is great for distance learning and I love the additional home activities that are included with every lesson.”

Preschool Language Activities are available to purchase for instant download here.


Each packet targets a different goal and all 8 packets are available at discount in the Preschool Language Value Bundle

Pronouns – Targets early pronouns ‘he’ ‘she’ ‘they’ ‘his’ ‘hers’ ‘theirs’ ‘him’ ‘her’ and ‘them’

Prepositions – Targets early prepositions ‘in’ ‘on’ and ‘under’

Verbs – Features early verbs such as ‘running’ ‘jumping’ ‘standing’ and ‘swimming’ plus more!

Vocabulary Building – Targets early nouns including activities for sorting and describing

Adjectives & Describing – Features early adjectives ‘clean’ ‘dirty’ ’empty’ and ‘full’, as well as using negatives when describing

Regular Plurals – Targets following simple instructions and using sentences containing regular plurals

Possessive ‘s’ – Targets the awareness and use of possessive ‘s’ for possession in simple sentences

Asking Questions – Targets simple questions ‘Where?’ and ‘What…doing?’

 The bundle represents excellent value, receive all 8 downloads but just pay for 6.

Available as an instant download, you can get started today


Are you a Speech Language Pathologist scrambling to find quality Preschool Speech and Language Activities for home packets? Or quickly upskilling to deliver teletherapy services for distance learning?

Schools and clinics are still trying to piece together reopening safely and also accommodating students who have elected to remain at home.  This “new normal” has offered up it’s own set of challenges of mainstreaming on-campus and virtual learning while ensuring that no child be left behind. Equipment availability, the functionality of technology, and getting parents, educators, and students all on the same page to name a few.

With no end date in sight, worry and uncertainty are a constant struggle for all. On the bright side, however, the world has come  together during this difficult time to form new and creative solutions to keep our children safe and on track.

I developed my range of preschool speech therapy activities packs in 2013 to meet the needs of busy Speech Language Pathologists. They have been used by hundreds of SLPs worldwide. They are great for working with young children in therapy because they are creative, fun and easy to use. But the truly magical ingredients in this range are the at-home connection provided by parent handouts and my most recent addition of interactive digital BOOM! card games!

I poured hours and hours of time into writing each packet. I clearly state each goal and explain step by step how the parent should guide and coach the child to succeed.

And while I could never have imagined or prepared for this situation, remarkably so many SLPs in the past months have told me that these packets are exactly what they need right now to meet the needs of their students with early language goals.

Under time pressures and with limited resources, you need a robust program that has stood the test of time and yet is uniquely positioned to help your families with activities for at-home practice.

These are high-quality downloads packed with concrete activities and home practice. You won’t need to waste precious time modifying activities or writing instructions each time for parents.

Send pages of the PDF by email as homework or on google classroom. Each packet has ten parent handouts. Five use the printable materials contained in the packet and five use everyday routines to target language goals.

Everything is done for you – just print and go!
Creative Preschool Speech Therapy Activities for busy SLPs

Each pack contains clearly explained goals and instructions, printable activities including playing cards, cutouts, and baseboards. Currently, six also include fun, interactive BOOM! card decks that feature movable pieces and audio prompts for non-readers. There are several options for play…

Use a cookie sheet for these fun activities

Laminate and add sticky-backed magnets to create a cookie sheet activity.

Cookie sheet games for preschool speech therapy

Or keep it simple and just print and use directly as a tabletop task. If they are laminated, you can collect data directly on the boards and simply wipe clean to be used over and over again!

Simple tabletop activities for preschool speech therapy

Preschool Language Activities are available to purchase for instant download here.

Sentence building with preschool speech therapy activities

Students use the picture cue cards to create sentences and to self-check making these activities ideal for young children and non-readers.

Cut out characters and playing pieces give an interactive element to the activities that helps you to motivate students who are hard to engage.

Engaging Cards and Cutouts for Interactive Gameplay

Detailed parent instruction sheets are provided with each activity so you can easily send materials home for carryover.

Choose to send activities from the pack or send one of the other pre-written instruction sheets that help parents to use everyday routines to reinforce language goals.

Preschool Language Activities are available to purchase for instant download here.


“This has some of the best, clearest instructions of anything I’ve seen on TpT. Love it. The pack includes additional take-home activities that are so valuable too. And the graphics! Love!!!!”

“Wonderful activity for the little ones! I have several preschoolers and they are ALL working on this!! The parent instructions are excellent…going to print and use immediately!”

(Tracy Morlan, CCC-SLP)

“This is a great activity for my younger students stuck on pronouns! I love the parent information sheets and handouts. This will be a useful resource for years to come!”

(Natalie Snyders, MS, CCC-SLP)