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Apraxia of Speech Activities for Speech Therapy Notebooks

Engaging Apraxia of Speech Activities for Speech Therapy Notebooks

Whether you can see your students individually or are challenged by mixed groups...or distance learning.

This value bundle contains so many materials you will love to use!

When I discovered the concept of interactive notebooks or journals, I just knew it could work so well for SLPs AND Parents!


This bundle contains:

★ “I can…” statements

★ Apraxia Toolbox Notebook Template

★Meaningful Sounds Notebook Pages for Consonant Sounds

★ “My Favorite Things” Brag Book Templates

★ “Super Sounds” Lap Book Templates


Also Included in this Bundle:

★ a set of 150 + apraxia cards in full color and black and white

Cards have a wide choice of words with VC / CV / CVC / CVCV / CVCVC / multisyllabic structure.

★ 24 Themed Notebook Pages (Year Round)

14 of the pages can be used at any time of year, 4 are seasonal and the remainder depict the most popular holiday themes.

★ Meaningful Sounds Notebook Pages for Vowel Sounds

For your severely unintelligible students working at isolate sounds level. These engaging notebook pages give meaningful practice with vowel sounds. Includes suggestions on extending with play activities and notes home to parents for practice.

★ Isolate Sounds Cards

Full color and blackline cards with engaging illustrations of a selection of 9 meaningful vowels and consonant sounds. Ideal for practice (including prosody variation) at isolate sound level before moving on to syllable strings.

/m, /sh/, /s/, /z/, /ay/, /er/, /oh/, /ee/, /ah/

★ Power Cards

Meaningful practice for students with severely unintelligible speech from CV to phrase level. Chosen for their simplicity and meaning, use these highly engaging illustrated cards to practice words and phrases with powerful communicative meaning for your young students such as “more”, “my turn” “no, me!”

★ Super Words Practice Pages

Use Superhero themed pages to record the success your student has had in your session. Individualise targets when you send home the pre-prepared notes to parents or teachers, asking for their input into target selection based on meaning.

★ Cloze / Sentence Completion Flipbooks

Early sentence level practice with repetitive phrases to decrease the motor load as the phrase is practiced to automaticity. Includes flipbooks with common sentence endings as well as blank pages so you can customise for your individual student.


Buyers Say...

“HIGHLY recommend this bundle - worth every penny! It is so versatile - good for CAS, severe artic/phono, basic concepts, etc. I have quite a few highly unintelligible little ones this year, so I look forward to using the stories with them! Each packet contains 6 bright, highly engaging stories with lots of opportunities for interaction. The data sheets and cute pacing boards are a huge bonus - thank you for including them!”

"I love getting to print and mail parts of this resource to my kids and letting them do a hands-on activity with me. The parents love it, too."

"This has turned out to be one of my go-to resources for highly-unintelligible kiddos. Easy to prep, and the interactive notebook makes for awesome carry-over practice between home and school."

"I have tweaked the concept to make sure that busy SLPs can use these materials to help overcome the challenge of mixed groups(students working on varied targets or even different grades)."

"The activity is low prep for the busy SLP as the notebook activity is completed by the student during their session. Just copy the required number of pages and you are done!"


These activities are suitable for working one-on-one or working with their parents. In my experience, the kiddos LOVE building a week-by-week project throughout the year! This gives them the joy of "showing off" what they've accomplished each week!