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Articulation "Take Home" Flip Books - S, Z, L & R

Articulation "Take Home" Flipbooks - S, Z, L & R - flipbook fun for carryover! Your students will love to practice at home or in-session with these handy flipbooks!

These are great value, quick and easy, 'ready in a moment' activities for your mixed articulation groups.


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What you get...

This packet contains 4 sets of flipbooks to cover S, Z, L & R.

Each sound set contains:

★ Easy cut flipbook pages in B&W. Use these for extra pages in articulation notebooks or for each student to color and take home.

★ Full-color flipbook pages.


Buyers say...

"My students loved making these books. They were so proud to take it home to show their parents what they were practicing in speech!"

"Of course, I had to get this pack too. We are working on pronouncing R's. I love that I can take these with us to practice in the car and that my son can color his own flip-book."

"Great for practicing those difficult sounds!"