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Brain Breaks for Speech and Language Therapy

Movement break activities to help get rid of those fidgets!

These brain breaks are created especially for use in your Speech Room. As Speech Language Pathologists we need a special kind of brain breaks for our students.


I have devised a set that are:

♥ Quick and easy to use

♥ Designed for single students or small groups

♥ Movement based brain breaks to get rid of wiggles!

♥ Low (or no) language of instruction

♥ Visual with image based cues

★ ...and these brain breaks will work for you, whatever the size of your Speech Room!


Your printable Brain Breaks for Speech Therapy Kit contains:

★ 24 brain break circles

★ 10 number circles

★ Chevron paper to cover your pot or jar

★ Blank circles to print and add your own brain breaks

★ Photo instructions for assembly and use


Please note: some of these movement brain breaks are designed to be mimed (e.g. hula, jump shot, swim etc.) unless you have a REALLY big Speech Room!


Buyers say...

"My preschoolers love anything with movement so thanks for these brain breaks! They're especially good in the winter when they have the wiggles!"

"Great way to get the wiggles out and give students a chance for some movement. Many of the brain break could be performed in a small space, which is convenient in a resource room setting."

"These are fantastic! I use them as brain breaks in my speech room and even as a fun, following directions movement activity at the end of classroom lessons. My students consistently love these."