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Dress Up Dolls Speech Therapy Activities for Preschool

Preschool Language Therapy Printables & Boom Card Deck. An ideal activity for Preschool Speech and Language Therapy, vocabulary activity, following directions and more!

This printable and digital vocabulary activity pack contains dress-up dolls and instructions on using them to develop simple sentence structure as a Speech Therapy or oral language activity.

Printable pages are available in color or blackline options and include a handout to send for homework written in parent-friendly language!

The printable download contains a baseboard showing a girl and a boy and an assortment of everyday clothing items.

The digital Boom deck can be downloaded from the Boom Learning platform and contains a digital version of this activity - ideal for telehealth or distance learning.


♥ Contains parent handouts for using this activity for teaching possessive s ("put on the girl's hat") but can be used for so much more!

♥ It is suitable for young children who are beginning to combine two words together in phrases such as "shoes on"

♥ Use for ESL students who need practice in naming clothing vocabulary or pronouns.

♥ Teach pronouns, vocabulary, following directions, and building sentence structure.


Buyers Say...

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I travel between school districts and they are great for those days when I have to pop in and out quickly to work with kids!"

"My students loved these activities & I loved that they are easy to use and can send home an activity for further practice without any extra work, if necessary!"

"Amazing resource for my preschoolers. I'm so glad I was able to grab these packets as a bundle! Thank you!"

"I'm loving the activities so far! The first time I used one, I brought it to my home visit. The three year old was engaged with the activity for the whole time! Can't wait to use more!"