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Five Senses Activities

Five Senses Activities with Picture Cards and worksheet / Graphic Organizer.

Describing words / Adjectives Activities & Worksheet for Preschool, Kindergarten and beyond. Teach the Five Senses with this printable pack containing flashcards, activities for vocabulary development, and a homework worksheet.


What you get...

★ 5 full-color senses pictures of the five senses with/without text option

★ 5 black and white five senses pictures for easy copying

★ 32 color & 32 blackline pictures of everyday items to categorize according to the five senses

★ 6 instruction cards that can be copied to send in homework packets

★ 1 follow on five senses homework worksheet


The materials included will allow you to:

♥ Teach or reinforce core vocabulary for the five senses

♥ Teach an activity to increase the use of descriptive language/adjectives related to the five senses

♥ Give your students practice in asking and answering simple questions about the five senses

♥ Check that your students have retained the five senses core vocabulary and are able to use it in a sentence

♥ Carry out a simple lesson on the dangers associated with tasting, touching, smelling unfamiliar things.


Buyers say...

"This is a fun activity I can use over and over. It went really well with my five senses theme too!"

"This was great when we had our unit on the senses. The graphics were not too young for my special needs middle schoolers, and they loved the sorting activity!"

"I enjoy using this visual when I teach describing. The 5 senses can be so abstract, especially for our language impaired kids, but this helps them to be able to "see" the senses and organize."