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Halloween Preschool Language Activities for Speech Therapy

Early Language Concepts: Speech Therapy Activities with a Halloween Theme. 

This packet includes interactive speech therapy activities to encourage the comprehension and use of early pronouns, prepositions, and vocabulary.

This pack combines my best selling activities and has a cute Halloween theme!


If you like this pack and are planning to buy, you may want to consider my Holidays Value Bundle of Preschool Language Activities for Speech Therapy. This money-saving value bundle includes 6 holidays that you can use all throughout the year!


Buyers Say...

"This resource can be used in a number of ways, well beyond a pronoun focus. My students enjoyed collecting "candy" and talking about their favorite candy/costumes!" Rachel W.

"Used these today for multiple groups and they were a hit! Made it into a cookie sheet activity as suggested. Was also great for following directions, identifying objects, etc etc. Thank you!!" Elizabeth A.


Distance Learning Suitable - all instruction sheets in this packet are written in a manner suitable for providing to parents.

They included scripted "You could say..." examples for explaining the activity to your child as well as extension activities with common household items. This makes them the ideal packet to provide to parents if you are being asked to facilitate distance learning at this difficult time. 

 This Pronouns and Prepositions pack contains materials for:

★ Pronouns – he / she / they / his / hers / theirs / him / her / them

★ Prepositions – on / under / next to / behind / in front

Also contains bonus instructions on using the pack for vocabulary development and following multi-step directions.

Bright and engaging concrete activities in full color combined with cost-effective, copy-friendly carryover sheets.


The following Holiday packets are included in the Money Saving Value Bundle:


★ Halloween

★ Easter

★ St. Patrick's Day

★ Valentine's Day

★ Thanksgiving