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Preschool Language Activity Kit - Starter

Does this sound familiar?

  • You need to put together a “quick” home packet for your families but you just don't have time to write out all the instructions for each activity?
  • You need to target multiple goals with one resource to make the most of therapy time?
  • You travel between schools or districts and need something to pop in your bag as you run in and out?
  • You have students who are in therapy for the long haul and you have nothing new to show them? The kids are bored and so are you!
  • You need something at your fingertips that works on screen or in person for those moments when you have to make a last minute switch to online?

It’s time to make Preschool Language Therapy the easy part of being an SLP so you can get back to serving your students in all those other important ways!

The Preschool Language Activities Kit is the complete set up for exciting, engaging, ready-in-a-moment sessions that WORK!

The Preschool Languages Starter Kit includes:

  • 8 Printable Activity Kits
  • 40 Home Practice Sheets
  • 40 Carryover Activity Sheets

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