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Preschool Notebooks for Speech and Language Therapy

Fun Activities for Preschool Speech Therapy Notebooks

Easy cut, low prep templates, and target inserts create AMAZING interactive notebook pages with minimal prep and fuss!

This is the product my followers have requested to suit younger students, those with fine motor difficulties and those busy groups where you have no time to cut or color.

Your students will build a gorgeous interactive notebook as a record of their progress and achievement throughout the year. Send home to show parents or bring to IEP meetings.


This product includes:

♥  36 Easy cut templates

- Themes for year-round use

- Print on colored card stock or white card to decorate / color

♥ Inserts for both Speech & Language Goals

- all with full color or blackline choices

- Easy cut, rectangular grid

- 2 to a page, cut one as stimulus cards (for games or drills) and the other for the notebook page

Targets Included:

♥ Speech Sounds

10, word-initial targets for early sounds (p,b,m,n,t,d,f,v,th,sh,ch,k,g,s,z,l and s blends)

♥ Language goals

- Simple sentences (includes pronouns, verbs, he/she is, he/she has, they are/have)

- Verbs

- Pronouns

- Opposites

- Vocabulary (24 themes to cover all seasons, holidays and early education themes)

Huge packet to use year-round with over 150 pages of printables!


Buyers Say...

"This resource has helped make sending home homework with my preschool students so much easier than individual papers that will get lost. The parents have also loved the communication aspect of this notebook system. Thank you for your time and great resource."

"My kids love "hiding" their speech and language targets under the fun pictures/objects. It definitely motivates them to practice and also to bring home to show caregivers!"

"Great resource for Apraxia and carryover for home practice."

"Interactive notebooks are a great way for students and parents to see continuity in lessons. Love Love Love this!"


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