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Preschool Ready to Read Kit - Starter

Does this sound familiar?

  • You know how important it is to teach rhyme skills but you don't have a clear plan in place?
  • However hard you work, your little learners are just not "getting it" with rhyme activities?
  • You need tried and tested activities to teach rhyme that are fun and easy to use?
  • You need to get your kids all caught up and 'ready to read' in Kindergarten!

Take heart; you're not the only one struggling to teach your little learners to rhyme...

Kids either "get" how to make words rhyme really fast (and start having fun with it) or they really don't "get" it at all! 😊

And when they don't get it, it's our job to make it click.

So I started making the fun and engaging kind of resources I needed to teach rhyme and pre-literacy skills in the classroom. Since then, my kits have been used by thousands of teachers like you...

The Preschool Languages Starter Kit includes:

  • Rhyming Games & Activies Set
  • 10 Nursery Rhyme Activity Packs
  • 78 Foldable Rhyme Cards
  • Syllable Activities Set
  • 16 CVC Word Families Flipbooks

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