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Speech Therapy S Articulation Activities - Feed the Monkey Game

Engage in Effective Speech Therapy with Our S Articulation Game & Cards!

Delight in the fun and educational Speech Therapy S Articulation Game, specifically designed to enhance the /s/ sound articulation in speech therapy sessions. This comprehensive set is perfect for engaging children and adults alike in effective speech development exercises.

This download includes;

👉 Colorful Articulation Cards: A vibrant set of full-color cards targeting the /s/ sound, ideal for keeping articulation activities both engaging and educational.

👉 Eco-Friendly Blackline Cards: A set of blackline cards to target the /s/ sound, offering an environmentally friendly, print-saving option.

👉 Adorable Printable Monkey Character: A charming monkey character to add an element of play and interaction, making speech exercises more enjoyable.

👉 Fun Banana Sheets: Sheets of bananas to use as game tokens, adding a playful twist to your therapy sessions.

👉 Creative Game Suggestions: A collection of imaginative and therapeutic game ideas to utilize the cards and components in diverse and effective ways.

Whether you're a speech therapist looking for new resources, a teacher aiming to support students with speech needs, or a parent engaging in home-based speech activities, this game is designed to make speech therapy both effective and enjoyable.

Explore new dimensions in speech therapy with this captivating and resourceful articulation game!

Speech Therapy S Articulation Game and Cards for the /s/ sound in Speech Therapy. Contains all you need to play this super fun monkey game!