Preschool Pronouns Activities for Speech and Language Therapy All SLPs Should Try Today!


Your students will love to learn about pronouns with these lunchtime themed pronouns activities for speech therapy – they are great for use all year round.

With this set, you can target early pronouns ‘he’ ‘she’ ‘they’ ‘his’ ‘hers’ ‘theirs’ ‘him’ ‘her’ and ‘them’. I’ve included instructions for SLPs as well as for parents, so you can send the games home for practice if you wish.

Preschool Pronouns Activities

If you’re looking to cover more than just pronouns, this pack is also available as part of the Preschool Language Value Bundle that contains 8 packets covering early language concepts such as asking questions, prepositions, plurals, possessive ‘s’, verbs & more. When you purchase the value bundle, it’s like getting 2 packs for free!

“So useful for targeting pronouns with your students. The directions/handouts pages are perfect to give to parents to help them understand and work at home as well. “

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Pronouns Activities for Speech Therapy: Understanding and Using Early Pronouns

Print, cut, and laminate each section. Choose from several prepared instruction sheets, and let the fun begin. After selecting a picture or written cue card the student locates the correct character or object cutouts and places them in the correct position on the baseboard. Adorable characters and relatable scenes encourage the comprehension and use of early language.

  • 3 lunchtime themed baseboards
  • 48 picture prompt cards

Preschool Pronouns Activities

  • 32 cutouts
  • 176 written cue cards
  • SLP instructions focusing on pronouns plus additional instructions targeting early adjectives ‘big’ and ‘small’

  • 10 ‘At Home’ instruction sheets and a bonus multi-step instructional sheet encouraging the student to carry out a series of two related commands
  • 2019 Update: To reduce printing demands, now all of the elements come in both color and black line versions. You may choose to laminate the color copy for use in your speech room and send the black line versions for home use.

“My kids LOVED this!! One of them asked for “some kids to take home” so he could show his mom what he learned. A wonderful resource!!”

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