#SLPMustHave SALE on TPT

There is one date in the month that you NEED to mark on your planner! Each month during the school year, on the lucky 7th, SLPs will be giving you our SLP must have item of the month at a fabulous 25% discount. Welcome to the #SLPMustHave Sale on TpT!

Click here to find your discounted product from Teaching Talking.

But with so many great SLP stores on TPT, finding all of these deals is a bit like a treasure hunt. Since we don’t have a treasure map, here are a couple of ways to browse for bargains from your favorite sellers!

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Here you can find the discounted items in a post here by the 6th of each month.¬†We’ll also let you know about any other special deals, including the TpT site wide sales that happen about once per quarter!

Search the monthly #SLPMustHave Sale hashtag on TPT

Click this month’s link from the list below to pull up a list of discounted items on TpT:

Please note: If you are searching for your bargains on any other day of the month you will NOT see a discount.