Articulation Print and Go Seasons Bundle

This HUGE BUNDLE (800+ pages) of Articulation Print and Go seasonal activities contains several projects that will keep your mixed articulation groups entertained all year round.

Articulation Print and Go Seasons Bundle

This bundle covers all 4 seasons. Each set includes articulation cards and a variety of token boards and coloring game worksheets. Resources for 24 sounds means your students can work on the same task while each practices their target phoneme. Best of all these activities are perfect for the busy SLP…simply print and go!

“I started using this immediately, and I am so pleased with how my therapy sessions have been going. My students are engaged, without the use of a board game! I love that they can all be using the same worksheets for their own sounds. My 4th and 5th graders aren’t usually into coloring, but when it’s turned into a game they love it! Thank you!”

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Each Articulation Print and Go Season Includes:

  • Articulation Cards (color & black line versions)
  • Token Boards (3 designs per sound)
  • Roll, Say & Color Worksheets (3 designs per sound)
  • 24 sounds cover everyone in your caseload!

“This is an amazing bundle! I am so excited about all of the different varieties of activities within each season! My kids love this and so do I–you have made planning a breeze! Thank you so much!”

Click here to buy the Articulation Print & Go Seasons Bundle.

The Articulation Print and Go Seasons Bundle will be that one resource that you find yourself reaching for time and time again. Whether you’re short on time or somehow wound up with an unexpected mixed group, this bundle will serve as your secret weapon when you’re in a pinch.

“This is a wonderful go-to resource for articulation. My students love it and the practice reps are great! Would recommend this product to any SLP.”

You can purchase the Articulation Print and Go Seasons Bundle by clicking HERE.