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October 06, 2016 2 min read

Today’s blog post is all about using Speech Therapy Notebooks with mixed groups. It is part of a series helping you to get the most out of Interactive Notebooks for SLPs. If you haven’t already read the first post in this series, head over here to read all about getting your notebook set up and to snag yourself two great freebies!

Speech therapy notebooks with mixed groups

Speech Therapy Notebooks With Mixed Groups: How to Encourage Independent Practice In Large Groups

For students, practice is an essential part of progress. Interactive notebooks enable SLPs to choose what and how their students practice.

We hear time and time again in feedback comments, just how well the concept of Interactive Notebooks works for groups.

“I love the consistency of the materials. It will make it so easy for me to work with groups targeting different sounds on different levels. I also love the idea of giving the children something hands on to do while they wait their turn, and something for them to take home at the end of the year, which shows them what they have done, and how far they have come. “ – Robin B

We asked experienced SLP Truvine Walker to share her preferences for using notebooks for practice with groups of students:

“Every SLP with whom I’ve ever worked has expressed concern about students having “wait time” in groups.  Students can be directed to review a page or certain section of completed tasks within their Interactive Notebooks with a designated amount of success independently.  This gives the students something productive to do while waiting for direct instruction from the SLP.”

How Can I Use Speech Therapy Notebooks With Mixed Groups?

“As all school based SLPs know, sometimes we have really large groups.  Interactive notebooks can be a great tool in these groups.  You can subdivide the larger group and have students take turns monitoring and interacting with peers using the interactive notebooks until it is their turn for direct instruction with you.”

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