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April 14, 2015 2 min read

I really enjoy this age – when children are able to begin to actually play with toys rather than just using them all as a hammer to bash things with! At this stage focus on toddler language development activities can really help with language growth – and it’s fun!

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Are the families of young children you work with asking you for advice on choosing toddler language development activities and toys? Here are some top tips to pass on to them…

Toddler Language Development Activities Shopping Guide:

When shopping for Speech Therapy-friendly toys for toddlers and very young children. Here are the key points to keep in mind:

  • A toddler is still at the stage of exploring by putting things into their mouth and throwing them around. Make sure that pieces are not small enough to be swallowed and not large enough to take a chunk out of your floor if dropped!

  • Bright, primary colours help to captivate a child’s attention.


  • Toddlers are at the very early stages of pretending in play. Look for toys that are miniature versions of things they see around them so that they can make believe the things they see Mommy and Daddy do.

  • You can introduce very early stages of educational concepts such as colors, shapes and sounds, but there is plenty of time for this later so focus instead on good quality play experiences.

For Great Toddler Language Development Activities, I Recommend …

If you are looking for top toddler toys then I recommend the Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Range. They are strong, durable and hardwearing as well as hygienic / wipe clean. And they offer excellent value for money with many of the best items priced at under $10.

For communication development I particularly recommend the Toddlerz Chatter Telephone. My little boy could spend hours lifting the receiver and then handing it to me to see ‘who’s there?’ before taking the phone back and jabbering away as he ‘talks’ to Granny or Daddy or whoever we pretend is calling.

Toddler Language Development Activities - Toy Phone

It is a very interactive toy. He always brings it to me to play with him and he takes turns with me in talking into the receiver. Learning to take turns is an important communication skill so this is a nice way to work on it through play.

The telephone is an old style twist dial phone and although Fisher Price also do a more modern cell phone design, my little one has no problem pretending with the original and it has the added bonus of acting as a pull along toy for a variation on the play.

When choosing toddler-friendly toys to add to your collection, look for products that promote motor skills, communication and early imaginative play.

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