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The ULTIMATE Speech Therapy Bundle for Back to School

The Ultimate Back to School Bundle for SLPs is designed to banish those “start of year” nerves. You will have a great range of activities to start the year at your fingertips.

The bundle also contains everything you need to set up your room with style. Print and cut your room decoration with a decor packet from Speech Room Style!


What you get in this bundle:

Back to School Vocabulary Activities

★ Activity 1 - A fun Back to School theme craftivity and foldable

★ Activity 2 - Back to School Theme Foldable Mini Books

★ Activity 3 - Back to School Theme Write the Room

★ Activity 4 - Back to School Theme Counting Syllables

★ Activity 5 - Interactive Back to School Theme vocabulary scene (use for barrier games, following directions etc.)

The craftivity and first 4 activities focus on 8 key Back to School vocabulary terms. The 5th activity allows extension work for more able students.

Back to School Preschool Language Activities for Speech Therapy

★ Pronouns – he / she / they / his / hers / theirs / him / her / them

★ Prepositions – on / under / next to / behind / in front

Also contains bonus instructions on using the pack for vocabulary development and following multi-step directions.

Bright and engaging concrete activities in full color combined with cost-effective, copy-friendly carryover sheets.

Farm Themed Vocabulary Development (CCSS aligned)

★ Bright and engaging concrete vocabulary activities in full color.

★ The theme is appropriate all year round. Instructions are provided to direct you in using this activity with students working on the use of vocabulary at the Kindergarten level (common core).

★ Answer keys are included on cards as appropriate.

Progress Monitoring Sticker Sheets and Games

★ 10 boards in both color and blackline versions

★ You are provided with a variety of fun and engaging themes perfect for use all year round.

★ No other equipment is necessary. The pictures can be covered with chips, tokens, or stickers.

As an added bonus I've included over 120 pages of printable editable owl decor! This cute packet contains all you'll need to decorate your speech space - from bulletin board lettering, door signs, a calendar, and a speech room rules poster to binder covers, labels, printable co-ordinating papers, and passes - it has endless possibilities!


What buyers are saying about this bundle:

"Excited to use! For my clinic based caseload, this is their first experience with school and this will be very helpful with making the transition."

"So many resources available! This is used all year long, not just the beginning of the school year."

"I used this at the beginning of school and plan to use it again next school year to assess a starting point for some of my students."