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Rhyming Centers Game

Rhyme Fold-over Activity for Preschool and Kindergarten Phonemic Awareness

Teach Rhyme generation in an exciting, interactive way with this innovative self-checking game. Ideal for centers, RTI, and all students struggling with this aspect of phonological awareness.

Rhyme Generation is a particularly tough skill for students to master. These fold-over strips contain sentences to cue your students to generate the rhyming words hidden beneath the flap.

As they are easy to guess they give confidence to struggling students whilst allowing them to practice at early rhyme generation.


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What you get...

This packet contains 78 rhyme foldables (both short and long vowels). Each rhyme foldable is included in full color or blackline versions.


To assemble:

★ Print the rhyme strips and cut them out.

★ Fold over on the dotted line so that one picture is covered.

★ The teacher should then read the sentence out loud, pausing to allow the student to complete the rhyming word.


Buyers Say...

"I have one patient in particular who is really struggling with phonological awareness skills. Rhyming has been very difficult in the past. These have been great because they give the semantic cue and she has been able to start recognizing the patterns of rhymes!"

"We do one a day during circle/calendar time. They love trying to figure it out!"

"This resource was perfect for my Self-Contained profound class. The pictures helped a great deal in helping with the words and their counterparts. I am very thankful for the creator and their willingness to share!"