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Speech Therapy Language Notebooks Value Bundle

Fun Language Activities for Speech and Language Therapy Notebooks

Interactive Language Notebooks provide an easy way to differentiate for SLPs to manage the varying goals and abilities of your mixed language groups whilst making a week by week record of material covered to use as evidence for administration or as easy recap and revision for your students.

Notebooks also provide a valuable home – school link for those SLPs working in a setting where homework is valued and returned.

The notebooks are Common Core aligned for grades K – 2, but are also suitable for those not working to the common core or for older students working at those grade levels.

♦ ♦ To see more images and a detailed walkthrough of how to use the product, see my blog post here. ♦ ♦

The elements of this pack have been designed to fit either a 8.5" x 11" spiral notebook or 9 3/4" x 7.5" composition book. They have been tried and tested successfully on both, but elements will appear larger on the smaller book.


This is the value bundle listing and contains 5 packets (four seasonal packets plus one suitable to use all-year-round).


Each packet contains 2 sections:

• Open-ended teaching scenes use language-rich images carefully planned to allow you to cover a wide range of goals with one activity.

• Notebook template pages (CCSS aligned) with "I can..." statements allow you to review your students' progress and build a record of their achievements throughout the school year.

The language-rich, teaching scenes in the first section allow you to cover:

★ Sentence formulation
★ Following directions
★ Picture description
★ Asking & answering questions
★ Grammar goals (pronouns, verb tenses and many more)
★ Vocabulary goals (naming, describing, compare and contrast etc.)
★ Conceptual language
★ Sequencing and simple narrative

20 pages of photo instructions are included for this section including an ideas bank where you can easily view multiple options for each page.

The second, templates section, contains a fully illustrated template page and a photo instruction page for each of the following targets:

★ Pronouns
★ Nouns
★ Adjectives
★ Regular Verbs
★ Irregular Verbs
★ Prepositions
★ Conjunctions
★ Regular Plurals
★ Irregular Plurals
★ Antonyms
★ Categories
★ Asking & Answering Questions (6 pages)
★ Sequencing
★ Shades of Meaning

Blank template designs are also included to allow you to customize templates for other goals.


What Buyers Are Saying About the 6 Pack Value Bundle...

"This is fantastic! The materials are wonderful, but the best part is the visuals you provided for all of the different ways you can use these. It will be so easy to target what each child needs in the group! One can be working on increasing vocabulary for the theme, another can work on their pronouns, and a third can be doing verbs! Just wonderful!"

"This product will not disappoint you! I have purchased other products from Teaching Talking and this product is just as superior as her other products. I love the variety of the targets and the idea that I can use this product with groups that have students working on different targets. It is also a wonderful product to send home with students to review their learning in speech/language sessions."

"These are even better than I thought they would be! I have never done anything like this before and can't wait to start using them. I love how you also added blank templates so we can create our own based on theme, etc. yet follow the same format as the rest of the notebook. Your detailed instructions with visuals will also make this an excellent independent center. So many possibilities!"


Product Included in This Value Bundle:

★ Speech Therapy Language Notebooks for Spring

 Speech Therapy Language Notebooks for Fall

★ Speech Therapy Language Notebooks for Summer

 Speech Therapy Language Notebooks for Winter

 Speech Therapy Language Notebooks to Use All Year Round 

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