SLP Language Notebooks for Speech Therapy Value Bundle


I designed my SLP Language Notebooks for busy school based SLPs working with mixed language groups in early elementary.

SLP Language Notebooks for Speech Therapy Value Bundle

They provide an easy way to differentiate for the varying goals and abilities of your mixed language groups whilst making a week by week record of material covered to use as evidence for administration or as easy recap and revision for your students.

Notebooks also provide a valuable home – school link for those SLPs working in a setting where homework is valued and returned.

The notebooks are Common Core aligned for grades K – 2, but are also suitable for those not working to the common core or for older students working at those grade levels.

For a complete list of targets included, see the product listing. However, these are some of the many targets possible with the language rich materials in these packets.

  • Sentence formulation
  • Following directions
  • Picture description
  • Asking & answering questions
  • Grammar goals (pronouns, verb tenses and many more)
  • Vocabulary goals (naming, describing, compare and contrast etc.)
  • Conceptual language
  • Sequencing and simple narrative

“These are just what I was looking for to target multiple goals while keeping everyone in my mixed language groups engaged and working. Students who finish early can color and expand their writing while others get more 1:1 practice. Great product!”

To view SLP Language Notebooks in my store CLICK HERE, or to find out more about how to use them, read on…

Differentiation is the new $5 word in schools, but as SLPs haven’t we always been expected to differentiate for our students?!

SLPs working in the schools can often face an extra level of complexity, the challenge of mixed groups.

The need to take kids from the same grade or even from the same classroom to fit in with teacher schedules can mean a huge spread of goals and needs within one group.

So when I started to plan out how I was going to make a language notebook work for SLPs, I knew I was facing a tough challenge. Hard as it is to work with diverse articulation goals, differentiating for language is a whole other ball game!

So here is a walkthrough of how to make it work. I just know you are going to love it!


The First Session with SLP Language Notebooks

The majority of this product is no prep but for the first session, there is a tiny bit of preparation needed, depending on the age and abilities of your students.

Each student will need a notebook or composition book. Have your students choose a cover (included), color it in, and stick it to the front of their notebook. Then each student makes a pocket using the template provided (to keep loose/unfinished pieces between sessions) and glues it inside the front cover of their notebook.

(The image below is from my Articulation Notebooks but I have included it so that you can see how the pocket goes together).

SLP Language Notebooks

I suggest printing the pockets on cardstock and cutting them out for any of your students with motor difficulties as they are a little tricky. I have included a simpler pocket design if you prefer to use a different design however I like these as they have a flap to keep the contents safe.

“This will be my first year trying out interactive notebooks, but I am very excited because of these materials in combination with other materials I have gathered over the years. I think this will help to give the students a sense of accomplishment as something they can keep and it will be a great tool for parents to use to see what their children are working on in therapy!”

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Weekly Sessions with SLP Language Notebooks

The Interactive Language Notebooks Bundle contains 5 packets. One for each of the 4 seasons plus a 5th “year round packet”. This means you have more than enough material to use these every week of the year if you wish.

Click the links below to view images from each pack, or read on for more information on how to use the notebooks.

The first item to introduce to your students are the open-ended, language-rich teaching sheets. These form the core of your notebook and are where most of the learning takes place.  The theme below is “Lunchtime in School” from the Fall packet.

Everything is black and white there is no color copying or laminating needed. Students may color the sheets if they wish (or if you need to keep them on task as you take data elsewhere!) but the line art is appealing enough to young children that color is an added bonus and not a necessity.

SLP Language Notebooks

Over the course of the week’s therapy, your students are going to use these two sheets to produce several pages of activities in their notebooks depending on their goals.

I recommend starting with a short time where you work with the whole group, introduce the topic and talk about the vocabulary (assuming this is a goal for most students), then depending on your space and size of the group, move your students to smaller groups or stations grouped by goal where possible.

Have them color (if you wish) and cut out the items on their first sheet (the one with the background scene). Help them to paste the background scene into the notebook and leave all the other pieces loose.

SLP Language Notebooks

As you move around the group, remind your students of their goals, and help them to use the pieces to practice.

The images on this sheet have been carefully selected to cover as many targets as possible without providing an overwhelming selection. You will find it easy to target all of the “biggies” – pronouns, asking questions, vocabulary, expanding utterances etc.

If you have students working on following directions, now is a great time to turn this into a barrier game activity between two!

Towards the end of the session, your students are going to select images they have used and glue them to the background, setting aside the spares (in the pocket).

“Great assortment. Love the vocabulary variety. It is nice to see pictures of actual activities our kids have experienced. I get so much incidental language with these pages. Thanks for another great product!”

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Student writing is not necessary, the SLP can write, the book can be sent for homework and the parent can write, or it can be an entirely oral activity with no writing. However in order to show you the scope of possibilities in this packet, I have written examples on the following images.

SLP Language Notebooks

The next session (or the same one if you somehow manage to have really long sessions 😉 ) your students can use the remaining images from the first page for more practice (writing or dictating their target sentences or words).

SLP Language Notebooks

The second sheet in each topic is for extension work, lots more vocabulary practice and to give the opportunity to target even more goals.

SLP Language Notebooks

The packet includes pages of photo examples of how to use these language-rich images to cover a wide range of goals. Here are just a few samples.

SLP Language Notebooks

Progress Monitoring / Recording using SLP Language Notebooks

The next section of the notebook packets is designed to produce an ongoing record of your student’s achievements in meeting their goals.

This section is aligned to the CCSS page by page and includes (editable) I can statements.

There are 16 fully customized pages in each packet. Here is a sample of a completed page.

SLP Language Notebooks

Once again, full photo instructions are included on how to complete each page.

A blank version of the templates is also included should you wish to target a goal that is not included.

“AWESOME product! Thank you so much! This is my first experience with flipbooks. My students began using them this week and they absolutely love being able to create their own stories. Perfect for working with language groups that have different objectives.”

To buy the SLP Language Notebooks Value Bundle click here.

(You should check out my Interactive Notebooks post if you’d like some tips on getting started with notebooks in speech therapy)

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