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Syllable Sort Games

Syllable Sorting Activities and Games for Preschool and Kindergarten Phonemic Awareness

Games to teach the syllable component of phonemic awareness as described in CCSS RF standard 2b;

"Count, pronounce, blend and segment syllables in spoken words."


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What you get...

★ Picture cards in color or black and white and a syllable sorting mat.

★ Picture cards with syllable dots for students who need extra support.

★ A cute robot-themed board game to teach students to segment syllables in spoken words.


Buyers Say...

"I used this resource to reteach syllables, which my students were learning about in their mainstream classroom. Having scaffolded materials was perfect and just what I needed!"

"I teach first grade, and I am using for RTI. This is working wonders."

"This helped my kids practice and master syllables! Thank you!"