Speech Therapy Articulation Activities: Notebooks Value Bundle

Interactive Speech Therapy Articulation Activities notebooks present your students with a project they can watch grow week by week as they accomplish their speech goals. My kiddos are always so proud of their notebooks. It gives them a “trophy” of sorts to show off to peers, teachers, and parents.

Speech Therapy Articulation Activities: Notebooks Value Bundle


There are 24 different themed pages. 14 are suitable year round and 10 contain seasonal or popular holiday themes.

Each page contains space for tracking data and for sending a note or comment home.

“This product has it all! It’s perfect to use with a variety of students who are working on different sounds. This product allows you to use the same activity easily while targeting different sounds. This product has themes which can be used throughout the year. My students enjoyed creating their Speech Notebooks.”

Click here to buy Speech Therapy Articulation Activities Notebooks or read on for more info and see images from the packet below.

***2016 UPDATE*** Now includes ‘I Can…’ statements for each sound.

***Jan 2017 UPDATE*** With this bundle you also get Articulation Notebook Templates.  These are open ended pages to extend your notebooks for higher level carryover and language tasks. The design of the activities means that you can use the notebook right from non-readers working at word level all the way up through sentence level as your students talk about the pictures they have created in their notebooks.

***Sept 2017 UPDATE*** Use the newly added cards and images to practice complex clusters /str/, /thr/, /spl/, /spr/, /scr/, /skw/. This set now includes 5 target words for each of these blends.

Using Speech Therapy Articulation Activities in Notebooks

When you begin the articulation notebook or start with a new target sound, have your students color in their own set of stimulus cards as they drill their target and familiarize themselves with the words in their set. (A full color set of cards is also included for the SLP should you wish to print and laminate a copy to keep in your room).

Speech Therapy Articulation Activities

All sets contain 30 target words in a range of positions.

Speech Therapy Articulation Activities

Students can store their own cards in the handy printable pocket inside the front cover of their notebook.

Speech Therapy Articulation Activities

Word lists are included in the packet to print and include in the notebook for easy reference or extra drills.

Speech Therapy Articulation Activities

“I use this product everyday! It is an amazing source for articulation cards, for hw worksheets, and tons of ideas on how to use them! Even if you don’t go through with making notebooks for the kids, it is still every bit as amazing to use for whatever you would like!”

Students color and cut out their materials and paste into their notebook as the SLP moves around the group taking data and assisting students to drill their targets.
Speech Therapy Articulation Activities
Speech Therapy Articulation Activities

The small images on each of the notebook sheets match the images on the larger cards included in the packet. This way students can work with a target set of stimuli/words consistently, until they achieve mastery.

Speech Therapy Articulation Activities Notebooks are ideal for SLPs working with mixed groups!

Each of the 24 themed pages has a matching page for every speech sound. Yes, that’s right! All your students can complete the same page (you select a year round or seasonal page) but one will use images targeting /s/ blends while the student beside him has a page containing vocalic /r/. The target and level can be varied by the SLP but the task remains the same.

Speech Therapy Articulation Activities

Students paste the smaller target images onto the themed background scene in their notebook.

Extra practice can now take place at phrase or sentence level…

“A boy surfing”

“The seal is in the spaceship”

Speech Therapy Articulation Activities

When complete, the page is safely secured in the notebook and can be used for practice at home or in the classroom. It is also available to use to recap in later weeks when the student is ready to move onto conversation.

Speech Therapy Articulation Activities

“This is fantastic! I love the consistency of the materials. It will make it so easy for me to work with groups targeting different sounds on different levels. I also love the idea of giving the children something hands on to do while they wait their turn, and something for them to take home at the end of the year, which shows them what they have done, and how far they have come.”

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